Musical Theatre Classes by Riverside Performing Arts in Vancouver WA

Musical theatre is an art form like no other. It combines acting, singing, and dancing with the beauty of performance and storytelling. With so much variety in just a single production, musical theatre is the perfect place to explore the arts in a new light. At Riverside Performing Arts, we offer musical theatre classes to help you develop a wide range of technical skills that will serve as a strong foundation as you continue to grow as a person and a performer.

Musical Theatre for All Ages and Levels

Here at Riverside Performing Arts, we believe that everyone should be able to experience the unique joy of musical theatre. That is why our classes are open to students of any level or background, ages 5 to adult. Whether you’re brand new to the world of acting or you’ve done dozens of performances, we have the perfect spot for you!

Fun and Judgment-Free Instructions

For many, the thought of taking a musical theatre class is more than a little intimidating. It can be scary to sing, dance, and perform in front of a crowd – especially if you are totally new to theatre in general. That’s why at Riverside Performing Arts, one of our primary goals is to keep our classes as fun and supportive as possible. Our instructors work to keep classes playful and judgment-free so each student can walk away feeling happier, more confident, and proud of their accomplishments.

Explore the Arts Through Musicals

Musical theatre isn’t just about belting out tunes and hitting high notes; it’s a very versatile art form that touches on many different aspects of performing arts. In a musical theatre class, you will practice and learn about:

  • Vocal work and range
  • Basic jazz dancing
  • Acting and projection
  • Movement
  • Stage presence

Musical Theatre Programs in Vancouver WA

Ready to explore the wonderful world of musical theatre? Riverside Performing Arts is here to make your experience fantastic! Our passionate and skilled instructors will help you grow your performance skills while keeping classes welcoming, fun, and educational. That way, all of our students have the opportunity to succeed in this beautiful art form. No matter what your background or experience level is, we’re excited to help you grow and reach your full potential! Just give us a call to get started!