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Music is a truly wonderful part of life, and it’s something that everyone should be able to fully enjoy and express themselves with. That’s why at Riverside Performing Arts, our instructors strive to make music lessons as enjoyable and approachable as possible. Whether you are totally new to an instrument or want to bring your skills to the next level, our music lessons can help get you there.

Music Lessons for Children & Adults

At Riverside Performing Arts, we believe that musical education is for everyone. That’s why we offer private, personalized lessons to both children and adults. Our skilled instructors will tailor their lessons to your skill level, goals, and personality to make learning both fun and effective.
We offer a variety of music lessons, including:

Intro To Music by Riverside Performing Arts in Vancouver WA

Intro To Music

Ages 4-10 Years

 Your child will learn the basics of music, such as rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and more through playing instruments, listening to music and expression through movement. They will make new friends and create lasting memories in this Music and Movement camp, taught by a professional instructor with a bachelor’s degree in music performance!!

Performing Arts Academy by Riverside Performing Arts in Vancouver WA

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Why Learn an Instrument?

Learning to play an instrument is a special experience that can enrich your daily life even when you’re not practicing. Musical education has been linked to a number of benefits, such as:
  • Improved self-discipline and dedication
  • Enhanced memory and concentration
  • Heightened creativity and self-expression
  • Improved academic performance
  • Increased confidence and social skill

Benefits of Private Music Lessons

Many people wonder if it’s worth it to invest in private music lessons rather than attempt to self-teach using books or public resources. While it may be a bigger investment up-front, music classes are a great way to build consistency and reach your goals much faster with the personalized guidance of an expert. Private music lessons offer a number of other advantages, too:

  • Consistency and self-discipline
  • Customized lessons tailored to your goals
  • Undivided attention from an expert
  • Personalized feedback and assistance
  • Opportunity to connect socially

Get Started on Your Musical Journey

Ready to reach your musical goals? We’re excited to help you get there! The friendly instructors at Riverside Performing Arts strive to make musical education a wonderful process that will be as enjoyable as it is educational. No matter what your age, previous experience, or goals are, we’re here to support you as you explore and grow your musical talents. Just contact us today to get started!

2022-2023 Music Class Calendar

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