Improv is the perfect intersection between spontaneity and performance, and it’s a wonderful activity for building confidence and growing your stage presence. Here at Riverside Performing Arts, we believe that improvisation classes should be playful and encourage creativity at every corner. That’s why our skilled instructors use a variety of fun techniques rooted in play to inspire students as they explore storytelling, performance, and comedy through improvisation.

Fun and Stress-Free Environment

Improvising in front of a crowd can be challenging, especially if you’re shy or new to performing. That’s why at Riverside Performing Arts, we keep our classes as approachable and stress-free as possible. Our passionate instructors cultivate a supportive environment where students can really let loose and flourish as they build confidence and uncover skills they didn’t know they had. It’s our goal to illuminate the fun and playful side of improvisation so our class can be a positive experience that you’ll never forget.

Improv Classes for All Skill Levels

Don’t have any experience with acting, performing, or improv? Don’t worry! The improv classes at Riverside Performing Arts are designed for total beginners. Whether you’re comfortable in front of a crowd or more on the shy side, our classes will help you build confidence as you perform and face the unknown. Our instructors use a variety of games and techniques to make improv fun, stress-free, and educational for each student, no matter their starting point.

Why Take an Improv Class?

If you’re looking to improve your stage presence or you want to build some confidence, an improv class is a great way to grow your skills. You’ll learn how to adapt to changing environments and remain positive when faced with unfamiliar situations. Improvisation classes offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Boosted confidence
  • Better communication skills
  • More playfulness and creativity
  • Improved performance skills
  • Increased social confidence

Improvisation Programs in Vancouver WA

Want to explore all that improvisation has to offer? We’re excited to help you on your journey! The improv programs at Riverside Performing Arts in Vancouver WA are designed to guide students of all levels as they uncover their confidence with performance. Our instructors use a variety of playful techniques that encourage students to get in touch with their creative side as they learn to adapt to changing situations and express themselves. To enroll in one of our improvisation classes, contact us today!