A Tale of the Nutcracker

“A Tale of the Nutcracker” is a retro 1950’s themed production inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” directed by RPA’s Dance Director Josh Murry-Hawkins. Join us at a party on Christmas Eve at the Williams residence where Clara eagerly awaits the arrival of her favorite aunt Debra Meiers who is bringing a new line of toys from Meier and Frank for the children to play with, including a Nutcracker… What magic will occur as Clara dreams of human sized mice, enchanted soldiers, snow fairies, and a land of dancing sweets. Blending acrobatics, classical ballet, jazz, and more with music by Tchaikovsky and Duke Ellington this production brings something for everyone. December 16th at 6:00pm and December 17th at 1:00pm at Fort Vancouver High School.

Winter Informance

Our Winter Informance is a weekend to showcase our talents and skills! Each performance will demonstrate what students have been working on in class from age 2 all the way through adult. February 3-4th at Riverside Performing Arts.

June Recitals

Our end of the year recitals are an opportunity for all Riverside Performing Arts students to perform in a professional theatre for family and friends. June recitals are divided into two shows. One for ages 2-7, “Fairy Gully” (that classic 1992 animated movie with fairies and a talking bat)  and one for ages 8-adult, “On Broadway”. All students are welcome to perform, but are not required unless they are in a focus class, TLC, and YDC. The production fee is $50 per student and covers the cost of videography and photography. Tickets are $15-25 plus fees per person and are non-refundable. Ticket proceeds go to the scholarship program for those who need financial assistance. Check back for volunteer info soon!

Click on the show below to find show orders, rehearsal info, picture schedule, and everything you need for a successful end of the year recital! 

Vancouver Arts & Music Festival

The Vancouver Arts & Music Festival is a weekend of dance, theatre, music, and art! We have been invited to perform at this wonderful event and hope your family can participate. Please note that our time slot does not allow for all classes to perform. Please check your email to see if your child’s class will be performing. Preschool, YDC, and TLC will be performing.