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Dance is a unique way to explore music and movement while learning to let loose and express yourself. At Riverside Performing Arts, we want everyone to be able to enjoy all of the excitement that this wonderful activity has to offer. That is why our skilled instructors strive to make dance classes as fun and approachable as possible, with a primary focus on learning proper technique. No matter your age or skill level, there’s sure to be a perfect class for you.

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Dance Classes for All Ages & Levels

At Riverside Performing Arts, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to explore dance in a fun and supportive space. So, whether you’re four or forty, a total beginner or a seasoned dancer, we have the perfect class for you. Here are the dance classes to choose from:

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"A Tale of the Nutcracker"

Nutcracker Rehearsal 12/10/22


9:45-10:25am Studio 3 Teacher Josh

Warm up Level II, III, IV:

London, Grace, Katie, Evan, Isabella, Mackenzie, Brooklyn, Emery, Izzy, Elodie, Sadie


10:00-10:25am Studio 2 Teacher Sarah

Warm up Level I:

Dawson, Avery, Ella, Paige, Audrey, Tavin, Emily, Rosemary, Ayden, Pauline, Rinli


10:30-12pm Studio 3 Teacher Josh, Teacher Sarah, Teacher Autumn

Full Run thru, no costumes:

Entire Nutcracker Cast (Yes that means you!)

Why Take a Dance Class?

If you want to immerse yourself in music while making friends and exploring yourself, then a dance class is the perfect place for you. Dance classes have been linked to a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Boosted creativity
  • Social skill development
  • Enjoyment of physical activity
  • Lowered stress
Dance Classes by Riverside Performing Arts in Vancouver WA

Dance Tuition & Fees

Weekly Classes

Annual registration fee: $35

Annual family registration fee: $50

30 minute class: $520 per year or $52/month

45 minute class: $700 per year or $70/month

60 minute class: $850 per year or $85/month

90 minute class: $1080 per year or $108/month

Adult Classes: $65 per month

Production Fees

The production fee is between $35-$50 per child per production. If you volunteer for any production, you’ll receive 2+ free tickets to any production. Production fees are due in October and March and are non-refundable.

Costume Fees

A fee of $60-$70 per class per, per student and will be billed as non refundable in October for the June performance. This is to assure the costumes we choose are in stock and arrive in time for picture week. There are no costume fees for our late January/early February production.

2022-2023 Dance Class Calendar

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