Acting Classes by Riverside Performing Arts in Vancouver WA

Acting classes are a great way to explore the joy and art of performance while also building confidence, making friends, and having fun. If you want to develop your acting skills in a supportive and welcoming environment, Riverside Performing Arts can help! Our acting classes will teach you the technical skills you need to succeed on stage and encourage your overall growth as an artist. Whether you’re totally new to acting or have a few performances under your belt, our classes will foster your talents and take you to the next level.

Fun and Encouraging Environment

Performing in front of a crowd can be a daunting task, even if you have some experience with acting. That’s why at Riverside Performing Arts, we strive to keep the class atmosphere playful, welcoming, and educational. Our instructors are committed to creating an environment where every student has the support and encouragement they need to flourish. It’s our goal to make each class a safe and memorable experience so students can flourish with joy and confidence.

What to Expect During an Acting Class

Live theatre is a great way to develop your performance skills and boost your confidence. To help you get comfortable on stage, we’ll explore storytelling and presenting through song, dance, and imaginative play. During an acting class, you’ll learn a wide variety of skills such as:

  • Stage presence and movement
  • Projection and expression
  • Line memorization
  • Performance and storytelling

Performance Opportunities for Each Student

We believe each student should have their time to shine. While acting classes are a great way to build a strong foundation, performing is a big part of building confidence and experiencing all that live theatre has to offer. That’s why every student has the opportunity to perform at least twice per year under the nonprofit Northwest Performing Arts Alliance, who sponsors all of our performances. Whether it’s in a professional auditorium or our in-house film and sound stage, each student is given their moment in the spotlight.

Acting Programs in Vancouver WA

Looking to take your performance skills to the next level and experience the joy of live theatre? Enroll in one of the acting programs at Riverside Performing Arts in Vancouver WA! Regardless of your experience level or background, our acting classes are a safe and fun place for you to expand your skills and immerse yourself in this exciting art form. Our passionate instructors strive to keep classes as approachable and engaging as possible, so you can grow your skills while having a wonderful experience. To enroll in one of our acting programs, give us a call today!