About Music

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” -Victor Hugo

At Riverside Performing Arts, music is a language that fosters community and a shared love of artistry. We promote the growth of the individual and specialize in catering to the needs of the student – all while focusing on the fun and enjoyment of learning to sing and/or play an instrument.

Music draws on all our experiences to create expression in a unique language and is an important aspect to a well-rounded performing or creative artist. While encouraging discipline, problem solving, and communication through practice, reading/composing, and working with others – we also foster expression and the love of the artform by incorporating all eras, genres, and musical styles into our classes and lessons. The result is a safe and fun learning environment that promotes the development of a versatile musician.

We offer private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass, and ukulele starting at age 5.

We offer two recitals as well as two community performances each year. There are many other opportunities for performances through unique events each year as well. For those seeking to combine dance and theater with their love for music, please see our Musical Theater program.