Theatre Troupe

Theatre Troupe (Focus Track): Students will be admitted by Audition Only

Requirement for Entry: Invitation only. Must be 10 years old to audition. Students need to be enrolled in an Acting Class or Musical Theatre Class AND a Dance or vocal Training Class.

Students admitted to the Theatre Troupe are RPA’s Advanced Acting students. Our Troupe is centered in building an ensemble that will be given the principle rolls in our mainstage productions. Using their developed skills in character development and a wide variety of acting techniques they use their class time to rehearse. Troupe members are expected to volunteer in some capacity at RPA whether it is helping to clean a studio, painting or striking a set, assist in a class, or in other ways created by the student. They are expected to participate in community events and will be required to participate in our Winter and Spring fundraisers.

To join Theatre Troupe is to take on a leadership role at Riverside Performing Arts. A student’s ability to meet these expectations is taken into account during the audition process.

Auditions: Auditions for Theatre Troupe happen at the end of our Spring Session in June before we break for Summer. To audition for Theatre Troupe you must be 10 years old. Auditions consist of a reading from our upcoming script which will be provided for you during the audition. Please come prepared to sing 16 bars of your favorite song and to learn a small amount of choreography.

Next audition is June 10th from 12:00-2:00pm. Must register for Summer Theatre Troupe Rehearsal if you are accepted: August 21-25th 12:00-2:30pm.