Tap Curriculum

Entry to a tap focus level is by audition or invitation from the dance director of RPA. All students in Focus Tap must be enrolled in a Focus or Recreational Ballet class. Oxford Tap shoes are required.

Requirements for Tap Level I

Take at least one year of tap and be familiar with basic terminology; Brush, Spank, Heel toe, Toe heel, Ball change, Shuffle, Flap, Paradiddle, Side-to-side Paradiddle, Cramproll, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Beat Riff, Toe heel turn, Buffalo, Triplets, Maxiford, Cramproll Turn, Knowledge of: Whole note, Half note, Dotted half note, Quarter note, Eighth Note, Sixteenth Note.

Tap Level I

Focusing on class development, dancers learn the fundamentals of tap and rhythm. Musicality becomes a key element, learning combinations to music with simple arm movements. Different styles of tap are taught throughout the year with an emphasis on proper rhythm and parallel foot and leg placement.

Requirements for Tap Level II

All of the steps in Level I plus Two-sounded pickups, Drawbacks, Cincinnatis, Side-to-side Cramprolls, Front Irish, Back Irish, Broadway, Maxiford change overs, 12 Beat Riff, Two footed toe stands at the barre.

Is an example of classroom etiquette and dress code

Tap Level II

With fundamentals established students will begin working on more stylized arm movement as well as performance quality. A more fast paced warmup will promote greater control over step execution and allow students to quickly recognize steps in their choreography. Class room etiquette is enforced to promote a healthy discipline.

Requirements for Tap Level III

All of the steps in Level I and II plus Swapping pick ups, 4-Sounded pick ups, Wings, Toe Stands away from the barre, Toe Rolls, Lindy Turns, Maxiford Turns, Toe slides on tips.

Tap Level III

With a keen sense of rhythm and musicality, students are challenged to express their choreography through facial expressions, well executed arm movements and the ability to use the whole body while dancing. Students will begin to pick up choreography quickly without a lot of breaking down of steps as well as begin to explore their own choreography.

Requirements for Tap level IV

All of the steps in Level I, II and III plus Shuffle pick ups, 4-Sounded Wings, Over the tops, Scissors, Wings to tips, Front pick ups, Double footed shuffles, One footed toe slides on tip,

Tap Level IV

Advanced students experience the training of a pre-professional dancer. Different styles of tap are explored using a variety of music as well as a cappella work.