RPA Spring Show- Day5-0040WEBSIZE

Students can start Ballet/Tap at age 3 or Tap I at age 4. Instruments, stories, props and upbeat music are used to teach the fundamentals of tap. Students will learn to improve sound quality, speed and musicality and they progress through the program.

  • Dig – tap the edge of the heel on the floor
  • Toe walks – walking on the balls of the feet making a sound for each step
  • Toe tap – keeping heel on floor and tap the toe
  • Heel toe walk – articulating from heel to toe drop
  • Toe heel walk – articulating from toe to heel drop
  • Front brush – striking the toe tap forward
  • Spank or back brush – striking the toe tap backward
  • Shuffle – front brush and then a spank or back brush
  • Shuffle stomp – shuffle then stomp the foot
  • Paradiddle – dig, spank, toe, heel drop
  • Irish – Shuffle, hop on one leg, stomp shuffling foot
  • 4-sounded cramproll – toe, toe, heel drop, heel drop
  • Flaps – front brush, step (travels forward)
  • 5-sounded cramproll – front brush, then add a 4-sounded cramproll
  • 6-sounded cramproll – shuffle, then add a 4-sounded cramproll
  • Flap heel – flap then a heel drop
  • Ball change – rocking step from the ball of the foot to a flat foot
  • Triplet – shuffle then jump to other foot
  • Whole note, half note, quarter note, sixteenth note