RPA’s Response to COVID-19

We are very excited to announce that we will begin holding group classes (5 person maximum) and private lessons on-site beginning Wednesday, June 10th. RPA Reopening Guidelines are a strict set of protocols as required by Washington State Health Department, but more importantly help keep our student and staff families safe. Before entering the building for classes, the student, parent or guardian must sign the RPA Reopening Guidelines – otherwise they are welcome to attend class remotely.

We are accepting new enrollments! To register, visit https://riversidepa.com/register-here/. If your family would like to attend classes again on-site, please let us know info@riversidepa.com.  Our teachers and staff are committed to ensuring our students safely build the skills they need to advance and progress with their performance pieces.

We understand that the circumstances that have been presented to us during the COVID-19 pandemic have unexpectedly launched us into a new way of learning and teaching. We also understand that these new challenges raise a lot of questions. We want you to know that we are here to support you and will work to answer your questions and continue our students’ quality education in class and remotely.

Below are few topics that we would like to address that may help to answer your questions.

When will RPA open the studios? 

Not all classes/private lessons will be held on-site during phase 2. However, ALL classes/private lessons will continue to be taught via Zoom.
Our plan is to establish greater capacity for in person classes starting Phase 3, unless we hear otherwise from the state.

When are Festival Performances?

Virtual Festival / Recital will be recorded in our studio July 27th – August 1st.

Remote Learning

  1. How do I take my class online?
    1. All classes are held at their usual time by the usual teacher, online via Zoom video conferencing!
    2. Visit: https://register.riversidepa.com/2020/03/remote-classes/, enter the password for the web page. The password has been emailed to all Active RPA Families. If you did not receive it, please request it via email to: info@riversidepa.com
    3. On the web page, click on the “Quick Start Guide” for more detailed instruction.
  2. I missed my class, can I still watch it?
    1. Yes! We are recording every class. After the class has concluded, the instructor will email the recorded class to all enrolled students. You can stream or download the video to watch when it fits your schedule. 
  3. Can I take in person classes?
    1. Yes! Classes with enrollments greater than 5 will alternate between Zoom and in person, which will be scheduled by the instructor.
  4. What steps are RPA taking to provide a safe environment for ip person classes?
    1. To help explain what to expect, we have broken up our protocols into sections as they pertain to each part of the day/class time for the student while attending RPA, as presented in our RPA Reopening Guidelines: before class, during classes, between classes and after class. We also have a section to go over protocols and expectations of what is expected at all times. Sections following class protocol include operational details, including cleaning and sanitization plans, as they pertain to RPA’s COVID-19 Exposure Control, Mitigation and Recovery Plan. For copies of these documents, please request at info@riversidepa.com
  5. Can I try additional classes?
    1. Yes! Your student can attend any AGE and SKILL LEVEL APPROPRIATE Class. Please remember to give yourself plenty of room to move safely and be prepared to be fully attentive.

RPA Financial Assistance during COVID-19

We are also aware that some of our members may experience a financial hardship due to the result of Coronavirus. We are reviewing requests for assistance on a case-by-case basis. Our students’ safety and education are our top priority, and we want provide as many options for their continued education as possible during this unique time. In addition to the standard drop form, we are also offering the following options to our registered students.

To make arrangements, please first contact info@riversidepa.com

Payment Plan
Payment arrangements that fit your situation paying what you can now, with the remainder within 3 months.