RPA Festival!

About Tickets

Are tickets required to see the performances?
Yes. 100% of the ticket sales go to putting on the performance; auditorium rental, auditorium manager, sound engineers, lighting technicians, janitors, staff support, set pieces, programs, props, etc.

Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door.
Reserved Seating Only.

*advanced tickets available Dec 2nd – Jan 29th only.

Ticket Discounts

Buy tickets to one show at $12.00 each

Buy tickets to two shows for $11.00 each

Buy tickets to three shows for $10.00 each

Buy tickets to all four shows for $9.00 each

***This price does not include the $1.50 Ticket Fee that goes is charged by Dance Recital Ticketing for the use of their services.***

This will be automatically calculated the time of purchase from Dance Recital ticketing.