Recreational Track



What is your story and how will you tell it?

All classes as Riverside Performing Arts, unless listed as “Non-performance based” participate in 2 full scale productions a year. This means that all students will get to put their classroom skills into action in a live theatre! All students will have lines to memorize, songs to sing, and characters to develop.

Acting I (Recreational Track):

Beginning Acting: 7-9 years old

Beginning Acting: 10+ years old

An introduction to performance including the basic tenets of stage presence including body, voice and imagination. Students will learn stage directions, rehearsal etiquette, beginning improvisational games and what it means to create a character for the stage. Beginning Acting students are the stars of their own stage production of our January and June shows at The Washington State School for the Blind.

Musical Theatre (Recreational Track):

Beginning Musical Theatre: 7-9 years old

Beginning Musical Theatre: 10+ years old

This is one of the most exciting performing arts around. It is unique in the way that it tells a story through the combination of dance, music, and theater. Students in this program are always developing in multiple art forms and, in doing so, create new avenues for growth and artistic exploration.

Musical Theater is the pursuit of becoming a “triple-threat-performer” – that is, a performer that is well versed in music, dance, and acting. Students learn skills in performance, dance, music theory, and vocal technique and application through control and awareness of body, voice, and mind. It is the perfect program for students who enjoy all aspects of theater and strive to become versatile performing artists. Recreation Musical Theatre students will be part of the Recreational performances in January and June at The Washington State School for the Blind.

Musical theater classes are currently offered in a recreational and focus track. Both recreational and focus tracks are offered for ages 7-9 and for 10+. The focus track takes the skills learned in Recreational Musical Theater and develops them to a deeper understanding. More advanced choreography, vocal lines, and character development is explored in the focus track. Students must have taken Recreational Musical Theater and must have the approval of the teacher through an audition process or in class observations.

RPA TECH TEAM (Recreational Track):

Ages 10+

The Tech Team will be taught in tandem with other teachers who are specialized in these areas. Students will participate in 3-5 field trips to places where they can experience functioning technical aspects of the theatre including, costume production, set building, sound design etc. These students will spend portions of class discussing how the various elements of a show outside of performance help to tell the story of the play. This class will also be a “working class” meaning that students will be a part of construction and strike of the set and costumes. They will participate in backstage crew as we need them. This class will serve the needs of each production and it can evolve with the interests of the students who are taking the class.

IMPROVISATION (Recreational Track): 

Ages 7-9

Ages 10+

An Introduction to Improvisation gives a performing student the chance to develop the time honored tradition of saying “Yes! And…” Students will learn theatre games and character developments skills that teach them to how to think on their feet and to use their voice in a new way. Improv students participate in a special performance night for parents with the Acting III class.