Jazz Curriculum

Entry to a jazz focus level is by audition or invitation from the dance director of RPA

Requirements for Jazz Level I

Take at least one year of jazz and be familiar with basic terminology: Plié, Tendu, Coupé, Passé, Chasé, Pivot turn, leap

Jazz Level I

Focusing on class development, dancers learn the fundamentals of proper placement and alignment. Musicality becomes a key element, learning progressions to music with preparations. New stretches are introduced to promote flexibility. Primary positions are introduced with arms and legs with the expectation of knowing them without fault before moving on.

Requirements for Jazz Level II

Battement front, side, and back keeping hips and shoulders squared and level

Hold a flat back with arms and legs in second position

Single pirouette

Pas de bourée, Pivot, Ball-change, and Chasé should be executed without fault

Grand Jeté in second arabesque without bent knees

Is an example of proper classroom etiquette and dress code

Jazz Level II

With fundamentals established students experience carefully regulated exercises in progression to warm up, strengthening the body. Muscle memory evolves with balancing, turning, jumping, and stretching. Class room etiquette is enforced to promote a healthy discipline. Dancers learn to pick up progressions quickly and efficiently, developing a unique memory skill.

Requirements for Jazz Level III

Show a wide range of flexibility in feet, legs, torso, and back
Fan kick without raising hips
Double Pirrouette
Grand A’ La Seconde Jeté
Single tour
Inside jazz floor roll
Right and Left cartwheel

Jazz Level III

A student’s endurance and strength is pushed to new limits, seamlessly connecting steps and lines in powerful configurations. The dancer learns how to balance and transfer their weight without hesitation. With dynamic jumps and exciting turns dancers experience the intensity and showmanship as athletes.

Requirements for Jazz level IV

Battement Layout
Right and left split
Triple Pirrouette
Tour Jeté
Back Jeté
Side Aerial

Jazz Level IV

Advanced students experience the training of a pre-professional dancer. Artistic development blossoms as lyrical, contemporary, and pop jazz genres are explored.