In Jazz Dance, students will take the concepts of movement and add basic technique in parallel to create a fun, upbeat, expressive dance style. Students can start with Jazz Dance Fun or Broadway Bound to learn the basics of Jazz Dance.

  • Brain Dance Patterns – Breath, tactile, core-distal, head-tail, upper-lower, body side, cross lateral, vestibular
  • Body isolations
  • Staying in a line
  • Slow/fast
  • High/Middle/Low
  • Big/Little
  • Close/far
  • Forward/Backward/Sideways
  • General space/Self space
  • Soft/sharp
  • Heavy/light
  • Pathways – straight, zigzag, curvy, circular
  • Off balance/On balance
  • Tendu
  • Plié in 1st and 2nd position – to bend
  • Battement – beating (big kicks)
  • Jeté – throwing step (leaping from one foot to the other)
  • Chaînés – chain or link (series of turns in a straight line or circle)