Annie Warf
Preschool Dance Director
Lead Preschool Instructor

Tippy Warf
Office Manager

Jeremy Knuth
Music Director
Preschool Assistant
Private Piano, Musical Theatre

Jeremy Knuth is a musician and teacher from Vancouver, Washington. He started private lessons at the age of six and trained with pianists, Azemar Glenn and Vila Moreland for 12 years.

Jeremy began teaching and working with youth programs in 2002 after graduating from Hudson’s Bay High School. He spent three years teaching swimming, taekwondo, gymnastics, and managed an afterschool care program, while picking up private piano students on the side. He then spent a year traveling abroad while working as a deck hand on a private yacht. Feeling the lack of music and teaching, Jeremy returned to Vancouver where he spent a year at the Gardner school working one-on-one with developmentally challenged children and within the 3rd-8th grade class rooms as a teaching assistant.

After the Gardener school, Jeremy began education at Clark College pursing music and teaching. He also rented a room from a small music store where he taught piano and sold/repaired instruments. In 2010, Jeremy started working with Riverside Performing Arts.

Besides teaching, Jeremy has always pursued his own art and has worked with several local projects, but can currently be heard around Vancouver and Portland playing with Sell the Farm and Outline of the Sun.

Josh Murry-Hawkins
Dance Director
Youth Dance Company, Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling

Josh started dancing on the Oregon coast, as a teenager he studied at Milwaukee Ballet and The Joffrey Ballet School in NYC. He was scouted by Brigham Young University and received a full scholarship to study with ballet master Jan Dijkwel from Dutch National Ballet. He was performing leads in full length ballets, appearing in senior projects and composition pieces getting attention and recognition from dance professors all within his freshman year.

Deciding school could wait he made his way back to Portland and joined BodyVox. In his time with the company he became a leading artist touring all over the nation and Europe. Josh was instrumental as part of BodyVox’s education and outreach program, developing and performing specially designed school programs for thousands of students throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Josh began performing with Éowyn Emerald and is a founding member of Éowyn Emerald & Dancers. He has gone on three successful tours with EE&D to Edinburgh, Scotland performing in the Fringe Festival, the largest arts and performance festival on the globe. The company achieved the accolade of being featured as a “Top Pick” in the London Time’s Art Section, and received glowing reviews for their performances from many international arts publications.

Josh continues to be featured in new works and guest with companies in the greater Portland area. Establishing roots in Vancouver, he is ready to teach the next generation of dancers and share his passion of the performing arts. 

Heather Kahl
Theatre Director
Theatre Troupe, Acting, Improv


Jesse Schafer
Guitar, Ukulele and Bass

Jacquie Bell
Adult Beginning Tap

Sarah Vanetti

Storybook Ballet, Fairytale Theatre, Tiny Tappers, Family Dance, Twirling Twos


Cait Powers
Ballet and Pointe


Liz Gering
Preschool and Kindergarten

Katie Warf
Preschool and Kindergarten Assistant


Mark Warf
Maintenance and General Fix It All Man


Megan Nefediew