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Community Christmas Party
Saturday, December 15th 1:00-5:00pm
This free event is open to the public! Enjoy holiday crafts, local artist bazaar, free dance and theatre classes, free face painting, free balloon animals, free cookie decorating, free pictures with Santa, ugly sweater contest, dance attire exchange and performances from our Preschool, Youth Dance Company and Theatre Troupe. Download Vendor Application Here.

Christmas Party Flyer 2018

“Jasmine and Aladdin” written by Jeremy Knuth and Annie Warf

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“Jasmine and Aladdin”

Recreational Show

Saturday, January 19th @ 2:00pm

Washington State School for the Blind

2214 E 13th St. Vancouver, WA 98661

Rehearsal: January 19th @ 10:00am at WA State School for the Blind

Mini Show

Riverside Performing Arts

MINI Jasmine & Aladdin Performance FAQ

    The Performance:


  • When and who is in the performances?
  • PERFORMANCE #1: Saturday, January 26th at 11:00 a.m.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot display class lists at this time. Please check your email, FAQ handout and schedule on cork board next to studio 2.


  • PERFORMANCE #2: Saturday, January 26th at 2:00 p.m.
    • Unfortunately, we cannot display class lists at this time. Please check your email, FAQ handout and schedule on cork board next to studio 2.




      1. Students must be signed in at least 15 minutes before they perform. Sign in will be begin 45 minutes before each show starts (10:15am for performance #1 and 1:15pm for performance #2).
      2. Signing in backstage will take some time. Please arrive 30 minutes before the show to begin sign in.


  • Where is the performance?


      1. Washougal High School 1201 39th Street Washougal, WA 98671


  • When is rehearsal?


    1. Friday, January 25th from 4:00-6:00pm
    2. Each class will be given a specific 20-minute time slot so children do not have to stay the entire two hours.
    3. Costumes are not required, but dance shoes are.
    4. Please do not bring your extended family to dress rehearsal.


  • Where is rehearsal?


      1. Washougal High School 1201 39th Street Washougal, WA 98671


  • Are tickets required to see performance?


    1. Yes. 100% of the ticket sales go to putting on the performance; auditorium rental, auditorium manager, sound engineers, lighting technicians, janitors, staff support, set pieces, programs, props, etc.
    2. Tickets are $12 in advance through and $15 cash at the door.
    3. Tickets go on sale December 3rd and seating is reserved. You will be emailed a link from prior to December 3rd. Tickets do sell out, so make sure to buy your’s early!



  • What are the costumes going to be?


      1. Each class is a character/concept in the show and costumes will reflect their character/concept.
      2. Costumes are, on average, between $40-$55 per person/per class.
      3. We do not make money off of the costumes. The prices are right off of the costume company’s website
      4. COSTUME FORMS ARE DUE OCTOBER 27th by 12:00pm! Costume fees will be charged to your account the week of November 5th.


  • What color tights should my child wear with their costume?


      1. Unless your teacher has said otherwise, girls need to wear light pink ballet tights with their costume.
      2. If your child is wearing pants, tights are not required.


  • When are pictures in costumes?


      1. January 7-11th, 2019.
      2. Pictures will be free to download via a link sent out by the photographer.
      3. Pictures will be taken during class. Please have your child picture ready in costume before class starts.


  • Will my child get a chance to perform in this costume again?


      1. Yes. We will perform the same show again at “Children’s Fest” on March 23rd at Vancouver Mall.


  • Is my child required to wear makeup for the performance?


    1. No. If you’d like your child to wear makeup, subtle makeup is acceptable, but not required.


  • How should I style my child’s hair?


    1. We want the children to be as comfortable and happy as possible on stage. This means we do not have a set hairstyle. Buns, ponytails, braids or half up will suffice. Just as long as it’s pulled back from the face. ***Ballet I and Ballet II “Tigers” need hair in 2 buns to represent ears.***



  • Does my child need to wait backstage?


      1. Yes. All classes, except Twirling Twos need to remain backstage. If we feel your child is too distraught while in the dressing room, then you will be called to the sign in table to sign out your child and escort them to your seating area.
      2. You may pack your child a snack and water bottle if you like. Please do not pack things that can spill on their costume.
      4. There will be activities such as movies, toys and coloring in the dressing room while children wait to perform.


  • Can I sign out my child before the end of the show?


      1. No. All students must remain backstage until the show is over.
      2. Before signing out your child, there will be a free raffle with prizes from local businesses.


  • My child has multiple costume changes. May I come into the dressing room to help them change?


      1. No. Only volunteers are allowed backstage.
      2. You may check your child out to change them in the drama room or have a volunteer help your child change. PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS GOING INTO THE DRESSING ROOM.


  • Will there be a dressing room to get my child ready for the performance?


      1. Yes. It will be on stage left (your right side when looking at the stage). It’s the theatre director’s classroom and has desks and chairs in it.


  • Does my child need to be registered in order to perform?


  1. Yes. Students must be registered and coming to class regularly to practice and prepare. *Any accounts with an unpaid balance will not be allowed to perform until the balance is paid.

    General Information:


  • Will there be concessions?


      1. Yes. Our Youth Dance Company and Theatre Troupe will be selling cookies, water and single roses as a fundraiser for their programs. CASH ONLY.
      2. Riverside Performing Arts will be selling RPA shirts, bags, sweatshirts, etc. Cash or check only at the show or credit/debit ahead of time on the ticket purchasing website.


  • May I video the performance?


      1. No. We have a contract with a videographer that states videoing from audience members is prohibited. You will have the option to purchase a recording of the show.


  • Is the audience wheelchair accessible?


      1. Yes. You will have the option to purchase tickets in the aisles that are labeled “wheelchair accessible.”


  • When does seating begin?


      1. 45 minutes before the shows begin. There is no seating in the lobby. We do not recommend coming early if you cannot stand for long.


  • Are there opportunities to volunteer?


      1. Yes. We have volunteer sign ups now.
      2. All volunteers will be required to pass a background check.
      3. All volunteers receive 2 free tickets to the show for each day they sign up.


  • Can students from MINI show see the older kids’ show?


    1. Yes. All students and their family from the “MINI Jasmine & Aladdin” show may attend the older kids’ Focus show for free. They perform Saturday, January 26th at 7:00pm and Sunday, January 27th at 2:00pm.

Focus Show

Saturday, January 26th @ 7:00pm AND Sunday, January 27th @ 2:00pm

Washougal High School

1201 39th St. Washougal, WA 98671

Rehearsals: Monday, June 17-20th @ 5:00pm at Washougal High School