1. What types of classes and ages do you teach?

Dance, ages 18 month through adult: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, Ballet/Tap Combo, Jazz/Tap Combo, Acro-Dance, Youth Dance Company
Music, ages 3 through adult: Acappella Choir, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, Musical Theatre
Acting, ages 3 through adult: Fairytale Theatre, Broadway Bound, Acting, Improvisation, Theatre Troupe
Preschool, ages 3-4
Kindergarten (Half-day), age 5

2. Do all classes perform in your shows?

All classes, with the exception of Pre-pointe, Acting III and Impov I, perform in our January and June shows. Focus, Preschool and Mini classes perform at our annual Christmas Party and Children’s Festival performances.

Mini program performs in 1 mini performance at Washougal High School
Recreational program performs in one recreational performance at The Washington State School for the Blind
Focus program performs in two focus performances at Washougal High School

3. Do you sell dance shoes and attire?

We sell some new ballet shoes and leotards for ages 2-6, but we have very limited stock. We also sell used ballet shoes. We recommend going to The Competitive Edge.

4. Why do you charge a registration fee?

70% of the registration fee goes to our scholarship fund for children in homeless shelters, foster care or for those who cannot otherwise afford classes. The remaining amount goes toward paying for administrative expenses.

5. Do you offer a multi-class or sibling discount?

Yes of 10-15% depending on the number of classes being taken per person or family.

6. What ages do you teach?

Dance – ages 18 months through adult
Piano – ages 5 through adult
Voice – ages 7 through adult
Guitar – ages 7 through adult
Acting/Musical Theatre – ages 3 through adult
Preschool – ages 3 through 4
Kindergarten – age 5

7. Why do you charge tickets to your January and June shows?

All schools charge to rent their theatres for rehearsals and performances. In addition we must pay for the lighting director, a sound engineer, janitors, set construction crew, staff support and materials. 100% of your ticket purchase goes toward the above.

8. Do you have a pre-professional program?

Yes. We have a pre-professional dance program; Youth Dance Company. We also have a pre-professional acting program; Theatre Troupe. Both are audition only groups and require additional classes and commitments.

9. Do you have an observation area for viewing classes?

We do not have observation areas, but we do have windows in every room.

10. How much are your classes?

They vary depending on length and your payment schedule. Please see our tuition page at https://riversidepa.com/tuition/

11. What are your policies?

Policies can be found HERE or you can download a PDF of our policies and waiver HERE.

12. Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes. We have an Riverside Performing Arts PTA and meetings are held once per month. Email info@riversidepa.com for more information on how to be involved.