Productions and Auditions


“Movies will make you famous; Television will make you rich; but theatre will make you good.” ― Terrence Mann

Our favorite time of the year at Riverside Performing Arts is when we get to bring all of our programs together in dance, music and performance to produce our full scale musical productions. Twice a year we step out of the classroom and onto the stage. It is RPA at its best.


awesome 80's

We’re looking for talented 10-18 year olds who love to act, dance and sing for our June production of “Totally Awesome 80’s!” Come to Riverside Performing Arts on Tuesday, January 9th at 7:00pm with a 30 second a cappella song prepared and comfortable clothes for movement. This is open to anyone in the Vancouver area. Email Theatre Director, Heather Kahl, at for more information.


comic book artist

Join us January 27th-28th at 7:00pm at Washougal High School for “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist!” Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz wants nothing more than to become a comic book artist and create heroes and villains for the comic books he loves so much.  As the janitor at Wonder Comics, he anxiously awaits the day that his boss, D.C.  Wunderman, will see his drawings and give him the chance to have his superheroes come alive on the printed page.  Stanley’s heroes come alive, all right — but not on the printed page!  In an effort to revive his faltering company, Wunderman had ordered a set of magical pens guaranteed to bring to life any character drawn.  When plans go awry and his staff of artists unwittingly create the dreaded super-villain Doctor Shock Clock, it is up to Stanley to save the day with his own superheroes — charismatic but egotistical Star Guy, speedy Triple Time, environmentally correct Blossom and cranky little Wombat Woman!  Stanley’s heroes battle Shock Clock and his henchmen, the Minutos, only to be saved in the end by the greatest superhero of them all — Eraser Man (aka Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz)!