About Preschool

”Life presents us with a rich, sophisticated and complex tapestry of learning. Remember that children explore and learn holistically, without dividing that learning into categories. Take every opportunity to introduce your child to as many experiences as possible and trust that profound learning is taking place and that learning can be fun.” -Martina Whelshula, Ph.D., Member of the Colville Tribe

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Children will be immersed in the performing arts as well as learning the foundations of reading, science, math, writing, social-emotional, communication and visual art. Each day your child will have lessons in dance, music and drama combined with their academics to create a truly unique and enriching learning environment.

We believe children learn best when their bodies and minds are both active. Whether it’s dancing the alphabet dance, singing songs about insects and animals or counting using instruments, your child will have a wonderful and fun start to their schooling. We base instruction on Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development; basing each child’s instruction on what they can accomplish independently and with guidance and encouragement from the teacher.